Value-based health care

The health care sector increasingly aims for value-based health care: Realising the maximum value for patients per Euro spent. To receive this insight, its important to measure patient reported outcomes, clinical outcomes as well as the costs of care. To bridge these domains, Patient Involved is part of Value2Health. Together, we offer measurement instruments, dashboarding and advise to report on clinical outcomes, patient outcomes and costs. The dashboard reports real-time, and enables the user to benchmark with other institutions within and beyond The Netherlands. This information can be used proactively to determine policy, improve quality and manage costs.

Shared decision making

The combination of PROMs, PREMs and CQIs are a strong basis for discussions and consultations with patients. By means of outcomes and experience instruments about the patient's condition and the experiences of patient populations, health care providers can have information about the patient in advance. By discussing the results with the patients, the health care provider can decide, together with the patient, what the best treatment is for this patient or the best follow-up of the treatment. To enable patient-related results and experiences in the consulting room, PatientInvolved offers extensive opportunities for collecting patient-reported outcomes and experiences and matching dashboards. In this way, results can be viewed later and discussed in the consulting room.

Components of our shared decision making services include:
  • Data entry modules for patients and health care professionals
  • Real-time reports in dashboards
  • Automatic delivery to (inter)national registries and benchmarks (such as ICHOM, DICA, LROI and BVN)
  • Automatic updates and changes based on annual conversions
  • On site-implementation



PatientInvolved offers health care institutions the ability to integrate PatientInvolved services into the electronic medical record (EMR). On the one hand, in order to easily and quickly invite patients to reduce registration load, on the other hand, to see collected data in attractive reports in the EMR. We also offer the opportunity to receive a QR code after inviting the patient through the EMR, which can be scanned with a tablet so that the patient can immediately fill in the first questionnaires.


PatientInvolved provides regional and national benchmarks, where healthcare institutions can compare results on patient-reported outcomes and experiences. This information can help determine what goes well and where improvement is possible. We are currently doing this for the Dutch Cataract PROM Registry (DCPR), the Pediatric Intensive Care Evaluation (PICE) and the French clinic chain Elsan.


PatientInvolved provides tooling for evaluation, for example in your outpatient clinic. We offer SayIt, a simple app that is freely accessible to visitors. They can anonymously rate their visit to the health care institution and for the health care institutions, the results are visible in attractive reports, every day.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Short questionnaire
  • Customise as desired
  • Optimised for use on mobile devices (iPad)
  • Fast relevant results available
  • Implementation guidance, documentation and attractive reports


PatientInvolved can assist you when it comes to regsitries. We collect data for hospitals and deliver these to (inter)national registrations, such as ICHOM, DICA and LROI. Would you like to know more about this subject?

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